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Start your amazing journey with Shield now! Brace yourself for challenges that will help you grow and develop in unimaginable ways. Our team will help you achieve your goals and dreams, every step of the way. Believe, stay focused and committed. With Shield, you’ll have taken your first step on this journey. Let’s work together to make your aspirations a reality!


Take Your Company To Next Level With US

Achieve your business objectives with tailored solutions using modern technology and artificial intelligence.


We are committed to bringing any project in need of an extra set of hands to MVP and beyond while navigating a smooth, unusually fast path. We provide force-multiplying resources to organizations of all shapes and sizes, as well as help newly born startups get off the ground. Our specialty is creating the perfect development environment for engineers to rapidly pump out features.

CTO as a Service

Boost your project by tapping into 20+ years of technical brilliance and excellence. Our technological leaders have led design, development, infrastructure, and DevOps endeavors end-to-end. They managed startups and organizations of all sizes and stages. We will weed out any processes that may slow down developers and allow them to write perfect code.


We will set up effective processes to turn your idea and business needs into production-class software. We will focus on research, cross-functional team collaboration, and continuous improvement by iterative development and delivery. Together we will find a product-market fit to deliver value to your customers. We will balance the long-term product vision with the ability to build an MVP in speed and reach market validation. Setting up the correct KPIs and building products fast will help us measure results early and identify the needed improvements.


Our team has a deep architectural understanding of both infrastructure and product aspects. We have vast experience and systemic vision of the DevOps & CI worlds. Driven by our passion for learning and teaching new technologies, we lead E2E projects and motivate others to reach their goals.


Our technical leaders sit on several companies’ advisory boards and help direct their development efforts. Our consultants deliver practical and impartial advice on all aspects of a startup’s operations to help steer the company in the right path.

Team as a Service

Creating something new and haven’t found the right people yet? Or interested in improving an existing project but your team can’t devote to it? We are here to help. Startup Booster offers dedicated teams to cover your technical needs, empower your existing team or even just boost through your roadmap.


Captains steer the wheel better with top-notch crew aboard the ship - and we'll make sure that the right people with the right skills are there beside you. We'll integrate talent into your team by helping you spot the right candidates, train your current & future employees and offer our hands-on expertise as long as you may need it. Development, UX, product, cloud & DevOps infrastructures - name your needs and we'll dedicate our finest professionals to give them all the boost they require.


We provide startup companies with intuitive, practical, and appealing interfaces. By using reusable UI components, we achieve a consistent user experience and speed up the development. Our team is very user-centric with vast experience working with startup companies from idea to release and beyond

Power Multiplier

If your team needs a boost our expert engineers are ready to join your team at the drop of a hat. We have experts in all major technological stacks and are happy to jump in on (almost) any project.

Product Data Analytics

You can rely on us for all your data needs and make your app data-driven. Plan KPIs, track user behavior and improve goal completion based on collected data. Compare data collected in different periods to provide insights to test new features and improve app and product performance.

Software integration

Fully dedicated to finding the Best solutions.

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